KAIZEN™ Certification

Kaizen Institute offers challenging but rewarding certification programmes for individuals in various Continuous Improvement roles. The main certification programme is classified in two competence levels.

Level 1

The first level exposes participants to a KAIZEN™ operating philosophy and provides them with the basic theory, tools and terminology, enabling them to support their organization in KAIZEN™ initiatives on a day-to-day basis.

Level 2

This program further explains the fundamental theories of the KAIZEN™ methodology and teaches new concepts, techniques and advanced tools of a KAIZEN™ operating system, to foster a waste free and customer centric work environment.

Level 3

This program facilitates the participants to become KAIZEN™ leaders. By finishing this level, the participants will be able to motivate and support employees in their KAIZEN™ journey and to promote a Continuous Improvement culture.

How to become a KAIZENer

You will gain:

  • Training and facilitation skills
  • Effective experience on improvement projects
  • Learning through hands-on training projects
  • Gemba expertise
  • Skills to improve team spirit

A successful Continuous Improvement leader will not only demonstrate the ability to lead projects and deliver business results in safety, quality, delivery cost, cash and employee engagement. They will also become “viral agents” within the organisation to spread Continuous Improvement as trainers, coaches and cross-functional KAIZEN™ event leaders. The learning of KAIZEN™ capabilities never ends and Kaizen Institute supports all KAIZENers in devoloping an attitude of life-time KAIZEN™ learning.


"I can highly recommend taking the KAIZEN™ Certification. The application of improvements in the operational business and cultural change can be implemented much faster through a variety of KAIZEN™ techniques."

D. Allonge – H. & J. Brüggen KG, Germany

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