Welcome to KAIZEN Institute Singapore

The KAIZEN Institute is specialized in advising companies of all sizes and industries.
Our range of expertise covers four areas:

Consulting, training, benchmarking and qualifications.

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Welcome to KAIZEN College

Continuous Improvement Skills and Competence are becoming increasingly important within the context of global competition and the pursuit of customer value.

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JKE Tour

The Japan Kaikaku Experience benchmarking tours dates:

Upcoming Courses

  • KE - 17th and 18th June
  • TFM - 19th,20th, and 21st June

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Welcome to KAIZEN Institute Singapore

The KAIZEN Institute is a global organisation which provides consulting services to companies represented in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and America. The KAIZEN Institute supports companies of all sizes and industrial segments as well as private and public service organisations.

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KI Singapore Launches Lean Workshops

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JKE -Learning to see tours in Japan

The value to your lean journey for whether it be for 6 months or for 5 years can be one of our recent clients participating in a JKE. “…the JKE experience came at the right moment. The visits, the group and the discussions were inspiring and provided a moment of reflection on our own journey. …it is simple when you see it, impossible to understand if you don’t. For me this is the value of the JKE experience.” By Norbert Hoogers, Ops Director at Achmea

JKE Dates:

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Customized Tours available - focused on sector and operational needs. Contact us at: kaizentours@spam.kaizen.com

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